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Q: Is Prime Time Limo licensed and registered?

A: Yes. Prime Time Limousine is licensed and compliant to all DOT regulations.

Q: Can you drink in the limo?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you eat in the limo?

A: No

Q: When does the time start?

A: Traditionally, the time starts and stops when we pick up and drop off. For out of town runs, the time starts when we leave the garage and ends when we return. Some exceptions are made depending on rental time and event.

Q: Can you split our times? i.e. pick us up, drop us off at destination, stop the clock, come back several hours later to pick us up and drop us off at next location.

A: No. Once the limousine is in service it stays in service for your party until the end of contracted time.

Q: Is there a minimum of service hours required?

A: We do require a minimum during prom season and weekends. We have made exceptions to the minimum if the service time needed is morning or early afternoon. It is best to just give us a call and see if we can put something together for you.

Q: Is it true the longer we have a limo the less the hourly rate?

A: Yes, for extended rental times we try and customize pricing. This often results in a substantial reduction to the hourly rental rate.

Q: Do I need to be concerned about double booking?

A: Prime Time Limousine does not double book. When a limousine has been contracted for service, it is in service for your party and only your party. We do not book any other services during your contracted time.

Q: Can I choose a specific limousine for my services?

A: Yes. It is not common but there are rare unforseen circumstances that could make a limousine unavailable, in these situations an upgrade to your current selection would be provided.

Q: Can we smoke in the limousine?

A: No. There is a $500 cleaning fee if anyone is found smoking in the limousine, additionally there will be an immediate termination of services.

Q: Do you offer pick up and drop off at multiple locations?

A: Yes. When the limousine is in service the chauffer can be directed to as many locations as needed. It is always a good idea to provide as many details as possible when making the reservations so the route can be mapped out and ensure limousine access to all locations.

Q: Can we stand up and wave out of the sunroof.

A: No. There are several reasons for this policy, the most important reason being passenger safety.