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It Doesn't Matter Where You Go... It's How You Get There!
For all your events... Weddings, Private Parties or Corporate Events, trust Prime Time Limo's Valet Services to handle all the details!
Wedding Events
Your wedding is the most important day of your life. You have multitude of things to complete... find a location, plan the ceremony, hire the minister, the caterer, the photographer, send out the invitations, get a license, and much, much more.

Parking for your guest should not be something you need to worry about. Hiring Prime Time Limo Valet Services removes that issue of where will all the guest park. We handle all the details and put your mind at ease.

We have the experience and expertise to make sure all your guest enjoy the ceremony without worrying about parking.

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Private Parties
Holiday party, Family reunion, Fund-raiser, Quinceanera... whatever the event, you want to make sure your guest have a memorable experience. The best way to accomplish this is to hire Prime Time Limo Valet Services to handle all the parking details.

Let your guest have a first class experience with our Valet services.

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Corporate Events
Don’t wait until your guests get inside to make an incredible impression... make it as soon as they arrive! Having a professional Valet Service company gives your corporate event an extra touch of class your guests will remember.

Let your guest arrive at your event not having to worrying about parking. This is an excellent start to an event they have been looking forward to attending.

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